Adventures in Homeownership.

I’ve lived in this house for less than a month, and I’ve already learned SO much about what to look for in our next house. Thank the Lord that nothing major has happened, but I didn’t expect any of this:

1) On moving day, we noticed that one of the railings on the front porch is broken. As in it is broken in multiple pieces and was lying on the lawn. How we or the inspector missed this is beyond me. My father-in-law glued it back together for us temporarily.

2) Last Thursday we came home at around 7:00 pm after having dinner with my in-laws. The house was suspiciously cold, so I went to check the thermostat and noticed it was only 57 degrees inside. Odd. I turned it up and nothing happened. Hubby walked over and looked at it and decided to turn it off and back on again. I went down to the basement to listen to the furnace. It was silent. It kicked in when he turned the heat back on, but it wouldn’t light. I did what any married 30-year-old woman would do: I called my daddy. He came over and confirmed that there was definitely something wrong and he called my uncle (who is not really a blood-related uncle, but family nonetheless) who is licensed to deal with these sorts of things. He took one look and told us we needed a new igniter and gave us a phone number to call. We made it through the night thanks to our wondrous electric blankets, and then I started making phone calls in the morning.

I talked to 4 or 5 places who all acted as though I must be some kind of moron just because I’m a woman. I’m surprised they didn’t ask to speak to my husband or father, that’s how degrading they were. I stopped myself from reaching through the phone and throat-punching them and finally gave up and called the furnace guy. One hundred sixty five dollars later and we had heat again. He was also very nice and showed me the parts and told me what he was doing.

3) This morning my husband woke me up at some ungodly hour (read: any time before 8:30) and informed me that we didn’t have any hot water. I thought I remembered how to light the pilot on the water heater, so I trudged down to the basement, still half-asleep. When I got in the laundry room, I noticed a small puddle of water next to the water heater. It was in an odd location, and it was kind of discolored, so I knelt down and smelled it – I thought maybe the cat got stuck in there and peed on the floor. Nope, no smell. So I took the panel off the front of the heater and saw that the pilot was definitely out, and I also noticed a puddle of water directly under the heater. I took a picture on my phone and texted it to my dad. It wouldn’t go through, so I called him and told him the situation, to which he responded, “Oh no. I’ll be right over.” Not very encouraging.

Long story short, we needed a new water heater. My uncle once again came to rescue and took me to Home Depot to pick one out, along with all the other parts he’d need to install it. SIX HUNDRED SIXTY SIX DOLLARS and eight hours later, we had hot water again. I am forcing myself to see the silver lining, which is that the whole thing could have rusted out and we could have had fifty gallons of water in the basement.


Coming clean.

My friend Michelle is one of those people who always tells it like it is and isn’t shy about her opinions. I admire this about her because I’m always so preoccupied with what people are going to think that I hold back a lot of my emotions and opinions. She wrote a great post today about healthy living bloggers and being honest.

She mentioned that she ate 14 cookies this weekend and that she is an emotional eater. So am I! I feel inspired to start being honest about my eating habits – maybe posting them out here on the internet will make me more accountable.

This weekend I ate:

Friday – a kashi granola bar, chicken parm sandwich and fries, 4 slices of a medium pizza from Carabbas along with some bread and olive oil, an entire bottle of chianti, and 4 very large chocolate chip cookies.

Saturday – two pieces of bread (to soak up the alcohol, duh), two pieces of leftover pizza, at least three more of those cookies, mandarin orange chicken with rice.

Sunday – leftover chicken lo mein, two english muffins with butter and jam, potato chips, hors d’oeuvres, chicken taquitos, two slices of pepperoni pizza, two giant cookies.

Today – a kashi granola bar, a turkey sandwich with swiss cheese on a roll, three pieces of Russell Stover chocolates, one piece of random white chocolate, mandarin chicken with rice and broccoli. There are cookies in the oven.


I can’t keep eating this way. Not only am I never going to lose weight, it’s just unhealthy. I need a more balanced diet with more fruits and veggies.

I got on the elliptical for 20 minutes today and I feel proud of myself. It’s not much, but it’s a start.

On the right track

I haven’t weighed in this week yet (tomorrow), but I’ve been trying to make some changes that will hopefully get me back in shape: I’ve had probably 4 or 5 green smoothies this week, I’ve been trying to have a veggie with dinner and/or lunch everyday, and today I got on the elliptical for the first time since last August.

I did 7 minutes this afternoon – random, I know, but the oven timer went off – and I just did another 14. I wanted to stop much sooner because my legs felt like they were on fire, but I kept going until I couldn’t take anymore.


That combined with the shoveling I did this morning gave me a decent workout for a beginner.


I just have to keep at it and I should start seeing results as long as I cut back on the cookies and pizza. And the wine.


I got this chianti from Trader Joe’s for $4.99, and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to be very good. But it was! So good that I may or may not have finished the entire bottle. No hangover today either!

Thirteen years ago

Thirteen years ago today, I went to look at limos for prom with one of my closest friends and the boy I had a crush on. Two days earlier, this boy had told me that he liked me. Because I was so incredibly shy and had zero self-esteem, I didn’t say anything when he told me. I said ok, laughed, and got out of the car to go inside and call all my friends.

A day after that, we went out with a whole group of people and that night I told him on the phone that I liked him too.

After looking at limos, we dropped off my friend and that boy drove me home. When we got to my house, he asked if he could go home knowing he has a girlfriend. I said yes and went inside, floating about eight feet off the ground.

Thirteen years later, and that boy is my husband.


This is the first gift he ever got me. It was a present for my seventeenth birthday, before we started dating. I was already head over heels in love with him at that point, and now I know he felt the same way about me. This figurine, while broken, still sits on our coffee table. Every time I look at it, I feel seventeen again and remember how blessed I am to have married my high school sweetheart.

Chubby Cat


My husband bought me this mug for Christmas – his official name is Chubby Cat and I love him. I’ve been feeling a bit like Chubby Cat lately, and I know I need to do something about it. The weight isn’t magically going to disappear. I need to eat better and I need to make time to exercise. I’m so tired by the time I get home from work that all I want to do is slip into a coma on the couch while I watch tv and shovel fistfuls of cookies into my mouth.

However, that’s what got me back up to 160 pounds. I was down to 145, and then depression happened and here we are. Tomorrow morning I am going to wake up an hour earlier than normal to get on the elliptical for at least 20 minutes. I have no idea if I’ll even be able to last that long, but that’s ok.

I’ve been trying to eat more veggies lately – either in a green smoothie or as a side at dinner. I went to Panera yesterday and instead of ordering the cheddar broccoli soup, I got the garden vegetable and it was actually really good. Today everything went downhill: Kashi granola bar for breakfast, a multigrain english muffin and three pieces of toast with butter and jam for lunch, a green smoothie when I got home, and half a pepperoni DiGiorno pizza. Half. And not the personal size one either.

I’m ending the day with a cup of acai blueberry tea from Teavana (very excited to try it!) and will do better tomorrow.

So this happened.


I was unpacking and washing our glasses on Saturday night (I know you’re jealous), when a wine glass broke in my hand as I was scrubbing it. It sliced my finger open so I called for my husband and had him patch me up. I contemplated going to the hospital, which I can literally see from my house, but felt silly going for just a cut. Besides, I just had a tetanus shot a couple of years ago when I stabbed myself with a knife, also while I was washing the dishes.


Looking at it now, i’m thinking I should have gone to get stitches. Is it too late? I have no idea what the window of time is on stuff like that. We cleaned it out really well and put antibiotic cream and gauze on it. I’ve kept it covered, and am letting it breathe now so that hopefully it forms a scab. It hurts if I bend it too much or if I write, which sucks because it’s my right hand.

In other news, apparently I suck at committing to anything because I’ve already lost interest in my 365 project. On the bright side, I found the good camera and my photography books so I’m going to at least start reading and learning again.

Green Smoothies

My friend Cyndi introduced me to green smoothies a couple years ago. I was hesitant at first because they sound and look pretty gross, but once I tried one I was hooked. I haven’t made any in at least six months, but I am attempting to start eating healthy again and decided to have one today.


I used spinach (obviously), peaches, strawberries, and bananas. You can add any fruit you want, but should always include something with a creamy consistency, like bananas.


I threw in a handful of spinach and added some orange juice – normally I would use water but I felt like trying something different.


After the spinach was pureed, I added the peaches.


And then the strawberries and bananas.


I ended up adding more orange juice and even some water because it was just so thick. I had to eat it with a spoon, but it was delicious!


(if you add blueberries, it will turn a nice purple color and not look so weird)

Lunch Date

I came home for lunch today and hung out with Rosa.


She was busy staring out the window watching the birds and squirrels. We brought her over to the new house last night and she spent hours wandering around and crying. Once I went to bed, she climbed in with me and seemed to settle down. Since I’ve been home today all she does is follow me around and talk to me. I think she likes the house, but who knows. I’m hoping that she settles down over the next couple of days and adjusts well.

Blogging Everyday Is Hard

Especially when you’re in the middle of moving. Check out my kitchen, which is currently a staging area for all our crap:


I don’t get it. We threw out a TON of stuff when we left the apartment. How did we acquire all of this while we were living out of one room? I dread the day we move out of this house. We’re going to have to hire movers our sell all or stuff and just start over.

Our niece and nephew are beyond excited abiut being able to come over and have sleepovers again soon. I’ve missed them too and can’t wait to have them over.

I might be an official adult now.

Not only do we own a house, but we are also the proud owners of this beauty:


I can’t even tell you how excited I am about it. It has LED lights! And an automatic ice maker! And a compartment for frozen pizza!

I wonder when exactly this transition came about. When did I start enjoying appliances? When did they become valid gifts? My inner 16-year-old is rolling her eyes and popping her gum and asking why am I so, like, excited about a fridge? And my actual 30-year-old self is screaming back at her that it IS exciting because it’s MINE and I can fill it with wine, which by the way, she isn’t allowed to enjoy yet. There are some perks to being a grownup.

In other home appliance news, I am also loving the dustbuster that my dad got me for Christmas. For the record, I asked for one and he got me other less domestic and sexist gifts as well. It’s amazing. I love being able to quickly clean up the cat’s litter messes without having to drag out the behemoth vacuum cleaner, plug it in, put the attachment on, etc. etc. Makes my life so much easier.