I am a bad, bad blogger.

>I’ve been battling some kind of stomach bug all week and haven’t really had the energy or desire to post about anything interesting. Let’s do a quick re-cap of the week, shall we?

Tuesday: I was feeling kind of off all morning, like hot/cold/hot/cold and kind of dizzy. After lunch, I went to the bathroom. As I was flushing the toilet, I had the sudden urge that I HAD to throw up immediately and that is exactly what happened. In addition to coming out the normal way, it also came out of my NOSE and went all over the place. Naturally, I started crying because the burning pain in my nose was unbearable and I was cleaning up my own puke. Not fun. I walked back to my desk and told my boss I was taking the rest of the afternoon as a sick day and I went home. Some sleep and Harry Potter made me feel much better.

Wednesday: I get to work and my boss tells me he needs to talk to me and brings me into the conference room. OH MY GOODNESS I AM GETTING FIRED. I start freaking out. Did I forget to do something? Did I screw up another quote? Did they find out that I am wasting time on the internet all day? Nope, he just wanted to let me know that they’re sending me to Europe for a week. EUROPE. For FREE. I’m the only one in the office who has never been and it’s more than a little silly that I sell trips to places I have never even visited. So, they are sending me with Mary although I don’t know where we’re going yet. It will be somewhere with lots of train travel because we have free railpasses from one of our suppliers. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Italy. The only down side to this is that I have to spend the time with Mary. I’m thinking I’ll need to be drunk for most of the week just to get out of it without killing myself. Or her.

Tomorrow we’re meeting with our realtor to look at 5 houses! I am so excited, especially since they are apparently extending the $8000 tax credit. I was seriously bummed that we weren’t going to be able to qualify for it since it’s practically November already, but now we have until March. That plus the appliances tax credits are really going to help us a LOT.



>This past Friday was my 10 year high school reunion. I can remember sitting in church during graduation practice 10 years ago, signing the notebook with all of my contact information so that I could go to this very event when the time came. However, I got the invitation (via Facebook, how classy) and all I could think was how much I didn’t want any part of it.

I was partly annoyed because this past summer of my former classmates got together for an unofficial reunion but they only invited certain people and then posted the pictures all over FB. I thought this was kind of childish and rude, as did a couple of other people I still chat with online. Shortly after, the official reunion information started getting sent around and I decided I didn’t want to go. I mean, I haven’t seen or heard from most of these people in 10 years, so why should I pay money to hang out with them now? It seems like reunions are just a way for everyone to show off and brag about what they’ve accomplished, and I just couldn’t bring myself to be fake and care what anyone has done.

Maybe I’m just bitter. Maybe I’m just feeling down on myself and feel like I haven’t accomplished much of anything interesting so I didn’t want to go and feel like a loser. I’ve put on 50 pounds since I graduated, too, which is kind of embarrassing because I was always known for being skinny. I do find it amusing that the supposed hottest guy in my class has gotten fat and is now balding.

This has all sparked kind of an introspection and a desire to change a bit. I’ve turned back into the jealous, gossipy person I used to be and I don’t like it. I had left that all behind and had really made a change for the better, but recently she has reared her ugly green head again. I find myself bitching and complaining to Amy at work all the time now about Mary and FBC. The reunion has also sparked lots of gossiping and berating by me and a couple of old high school friends. This is not cool and is not the person I want to be. There is a fine line between venting to get something off my chest and talking about someone behind their back.

I’m going to start going to church again. There are two within 15 minutes that have Mass on Sunday evenings, so I have no excuse.

Also, Aunt Flo is suspiciously MIA. She has been making it seem like she’s going to stop by, but then she just doesn’t show. The least she could do is call and let me know what’s up so I stop panicking.

Going Bonkers

>My cat, Bella, is slowly driving me nuts. I love her to death, but she really knows how to push my buttons.

See, Bella and her daughter Rosa weren’t originally mine. BFF adopted Bella from her grandma in 2005 when she moved into her first apartment. Turns out Bella was pregnant at the time and no one knew, so BFF was in for quite a shock one night when she got home from class and there was a gray slimy thing on the floor. Since Bella was only 7 months old (I know — she is a total slut!) she only had one kitten.

About a month later, BFF had a diving accident that left her paralyzed from the chest down. One day when she was still in the ICU, she asked me if I would take the cats because her step-mom was going to give them away. I was still living at home with my parents, so I asked them and they said it was fine so we took them for what I thought was a temporary time period until BFF got “better” and could take them back again.

Well, things didn’t really work out that way. It was over 2 years before BFF got out of rehab and the nursing home and back into her own place. The problem was that her roommate (whom she needed to have with her in order to qualify for the care she needed) had a cat. Bella did not play well with others at all at that time. So, the girls stayed with me and we all moved in together with Mr. Husband into a one bedroom apartment after the wedding. Needless to say, it is a little cramped in here for two people and two cats. Especially a cat like Bella.

Within about a month of moving in, she got pissed off (literally) about something and peed on Mr. H’s coat and his favorite hat that we lying on the sofa. Not long after that, she peed on my side of the bed, so we started closing the bedroom door and not allowing the girls in there at all. I took her to the vet to rule out a medical problem and was told that it’s purely behavioral. The vet gave me some kitty Xanax, but I researched it and didn’t like the side effects, so I never gave it to her.

She went awhile without peeing on anything, but then about 6 months ago, she peed on the couch. This was a huge pain in the ass to clean up because it’s not like I could wash the freakin’ couch. I went through gallons of Nature’s Miracle trying to get the smell out and eventually I was successful. Mr. H still refuses to sit on that couch cushion.

Last week, Bella was accidentally locked in the bedroom while we were out at dinner and she peed on the bed again. I discovered it as I was getting all snuggly for bed and my foot hit a wet spot. I stripped the sheets off and doused them and the mattress in more NM, bagged up the sheets, covered the wet spot on the mattress with some old rags and a garbage bag, and made the bed again.

She also frequently pees right outside of the litterbox. They have a covered box with a door (that has been ripped off) and then that whole thing is inside one of these:

From http://www.drsfostersmith.com — love that site!
These benches have a liner inside and that’s what she pees on, thank goodness. I would die if she peed directly on the carpet. This whole contraption is in the walk-in closet in the living room. Don’t worry, we keep the door open so they can come and go as they please. The down side to this is that the smell is sometimes unbearable. I have tried everything I can think of and am pretty much out of ideas. Do I get a new style litterbox? New litter?
Anyway, the moral of the story is that I am at my wits’ end and I don’t know what to do with her. I keep thinking that once we get a house and have more space (and a basement!) it will get better, but that’s not necessarily true. Sure, the litterbox will be out of site (and smell) but we’ll still have to be extra careful and not let her in the bedroom for fear of her pissing on the bed. Do I try one of those all-natural calming aids to control her rage? It seems like she does this to prove a point and to let us know she is angry about something.
Giving her back to BFF is no longer an option because now BFF’s mom and sister have moved in to live with her and they have a dog. Plus, BFF adopted a cat and a new dog. I’m sure if it really came down to it, she would take Bella if I really needed her to, but I don’t want it to come to that quite yet.

Weekend Wrap-Up

>Good news! I weighed myself yesterday and I have lost 3 pounds this week! I then proceeded to completely ignore my diet and had Pizza Hut for dinner, chicken nuggets for breakfast this morning, and leftover pizza for dinner tonight. In all fairness, these food choices were influenced by the kiddies — we had Mr. Husband’s niece and nephew sleep over last night and we wanted to be the cool aunt and uncle so we treated them to junk food. Isn’t that what aunts and uncles are supposed to do??

C and I baked cookies last night while M and Mr. Husband played some war game on the xbox. I used that sugar cookie mix that comes in a package and just requires butter and an egg. I thought we would be able to roll it out and use cookie cutters to make fun shapes, but the dough wasn’t thick enough. The cookies came out good and C had a good time decorating them. We bought those cans of sugary frosting that come with the interchangeable tips so that you can make different shapes (flowers, leaves, ribbons, etc.) but they proved to be a little hard for her. One of my friends suggested mixing powdered sugar and water with a little food coloring to make a “paint” for her instead. I didn’t have food coloring, so I squirted some of the frosting into the mix and made a pink paint. Then the kids wanted to mix the other colors in, so we ended up with a really tasty looking shade of gray frosting. Yum. Oh well, she had fun and that’s all that matters.

I stopped by the library yesterday morning and picked up some new books:

Perfect Fifths by Megan McCafferty
I have been dying to read this since it came out, but it’s been checked out the library constantly. It’s the last book in the Jessica Darling series and I absolutely love the first four books. They’re especially fun because they take place in my home state and I recognize a lot of the references.

Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson
I’ve never heard of this book or author, but the cover caught my eye and the jacket copy sounded interesting. I basically started at the beginning of the YA section and just pulled out whatever looked good.

Feels Like Home by E.E. Charton-Trujillo
I found this one the same way as I found Peaches.

The Pregnancy Test by Erin McCarthy
I saw this a couple shelves down from Perfect Fifths and the colors stood out to me. My baby fever is stronger than ever, so the title instantly pulled me in, and I figured a book by a fellow Erin couldn’t be horrible.

Sunday Night Blues

>Day One of WW is going well, mostly thanks to the large quantities of wine I had last night and the nasty hangover I have today. I didn’t get out of bed until 2:00pm and all I’ve been able to stomach is two extra strength Tylenol and a couple glasses of iced green tea. I’m feeling up to eating now and am going to have leftover Portuguese food from last night (chicken fingers, rice, and fries). This will probably equal my entire points allowance for today, but I think it’s ok.

Mr. Husband hooked up the Wii for me and I had him guess how much I weighed before I got on. Do you know what he said? One-forty. This is why I love him so much. My guess was 166, but I said a secret silent prayer that I would be less than 160, and do you know what happened? The Wii told me I weight 156! Holy cow. That is still completely unacceptable to me, but it is only 6 pounds more than what I weighed before vacation in June. That means that an entire summer of eating horribly has only resulted in 6 extra pounds. Awesomeness.

I ended up doing 16 minutes of Wii Fit-ing and 20 minutes on the elliptical.

In other news, it is Sunday evening which means I am completely depressed and dreading work tomorrow. I long for the day that I can get some of these ideas in my head organized and down on paper, become a best-selling author, and never have to leave the house to work again. I know, wishful thinking.